Dear Son,

This letter that you are reading today, I wrote a couple of years ago. Back when I was still a bachelor living alone in a small house, working my first job and eagerly chasing all my wildest dreams. Seated on my king size bed one night, texting one of the truest incredible women I’d ever met, something hit me.

There I was, 22 years old. Great first job, already a mildly reputable writer with a whole lot of adventure ahead of me. With clear sights of the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle, private jets, expensive wine, meals prepared by the best chefs; – if I chased my wildest dreams across the finish line. But somehow, I was probably not going to live the most important dream of them all; – MY DREAM GIRL.

If your mother is my dream girl (you can ask me, I’ll give a very honest answer) then my son, know your daddy has achieved all that he could have on his life’s journey. But if she is not, then my lovely boy, you better pay attention. Do not make the same mistake your old man made.

Do not even begin to feel sorry for me because by this time I have met my dream girl. My life has always presented me with the things I desire the most. What happened with my dream girl is that I was always too hesitant to go and get her. And it’s not that I didn’t want her, I let life get in the way. I allowed situations and circumstances be my stubborn reasons for why I and she could never be.

Excuses, however sound! however logical! will never change the fact that that’s all they’ll ever be; – excuses! I am too busy, I don’t see us ending up together; – who made you GOD? Since when can you predict the future? Am not ready! – When are you ever ready? You were never ready to walk as a baby. But when that time came when you were tired of crying to have everything brought to you, you got up on your two little feet, held that wall and made that first step your mother and I were so overjoyed about. You fell a lot of times, but eventually you got the hang of it, walked to the coffee table reached for your mother’s iPhone and well, you broke it. You still have that scar on your index finger, – one of the pieces of glass from the broken screen cut your little finger. We were too horrified from the blood oozing out of your finger to be mad at you for breaking the $950 phone.

Now here I am writing this letter to you, about to accomplish everything on my path except the one thing that could make all the difference in my life’s story. Even as I write this, I know that I could still make that difference, but like I said, excuses however logical are just that. Unfortunately, my excuses are too logical to ignore. I’ll be happy to tell you that your mother is my dream girl when you ask me, but if I don’t, always remember that the only reason I wrote this letter to you, in the middle of the night; – was to let you know that when you find that girl go after her with the same determination, ambition and desire that you would use to chase your dreams and all the wealth that comes from accomplishing them.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman.” Imagine the success if behind you is the perfect woman.

Your loving father


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