Blankets & Wine Kampala: An exposé Of the Finest Women In The land

Blankets & Wine Kampala: An exposé Of the Finest Women In The land

Excuse the very long title, but I needed to make sure you know exactly what this is going to be about.

Last weekend on the 10th of July 2016, a friend and I went for the 13th Edition of the Kampala Blankets and Wine. Prior to my arrival, Raymond a friend that’s a regular at this event warned me in a text that I was about to witness what fine women ought to look like. I didn’t take this warning as seriously as I should have. I have seen and been with some of the finest women I’ve met. However, I should have listened. If I’d been more prepared for the mind-blowing fineness I was surrounded by, perhaps I wouldn’t be writing this.

Before me, around me and for a couple of dances, on me – were some of the finest women I have ever set my inquisitive eyes on. It is one thing to have an unbelievable body, and a whole different ball game to dress that body suitably. By suitably here I am talking about dripping with sexiness. The dress code was skimpily ‘elegant’, slim waists and apple bottoms were on full display. Extremely ripped jeans and mini shorts were a mutual trend revealing delectable brown thighs and gorgeous legs for some.

The outfits were to the dot on point with what the event called for, mirrored sunglasses were a main feature too and in general the women came out to slay. Blankets and Wine Kampala is an outing where Girls from Kampala fabulously represent their different body types, colors, races and trends.

The sort of women you find at Blankets and Wine are the sort of women you find in your dreams only that this time they are real and with the right words you can even leave with a phone number. What’s your type? What’s your kind of girl? What does your fantasy girl look like? Well stop imagining, she does exist. At least in body, color and beauty. Character can take a walk for this one.

This was my maiden appearance at this event and come September, I’ll be there with the crew; a few tickets on me.


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