What Do We Really Want?

Whenever we get into a restaurant, the waiter or waitress approaches us with the menu and in some places we find the menu on the table. After a few minutes of contemplating, we finally decide on a dish and that’s what we order. In some very rare cases, we go to a restaurant with our minds already made up on what we are going to have.

What is interesting is that when we finally choose a dish, we are content. We are sure that of all the items on the menu, we have made the best choice for what we will have. We are presented with options but we eventually choose what we are most satisfied with. And if the meal is good, when you leave the restaurant you are completely satisfied with your choice.

Then we go to relationships and making a choice becomes a greedy affair of wanting a little bit of every option.

courtesy of pad1.whstatic.com

courtesy of pad1.whstatic.com

Just like at a restaurant, life presents you with a menu of potential people you could date. And life, just like the waiter / waitress allows you a reasonable amount of time to look through the options and make a pick. So what is the problem with the choices we make?

Why are we never content with the people we choose to date? Why do we want to eat from other people’s plates in relationships? You don’t do that at the restaurant! Where are your manners?

If I trusted relationships, I’d do as at a restaurant – take my time, explore the menu and make a choice I am darn proud of. A meal I could tweet about and snap for my Instagram. So how about when we choose a person to date, we make sure we have chosen the best option and one we are satisfied with?

And also always remember, some foods just like people, are good on the inside but look bad on the outside – hello greens!


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