1 Solution to Bodaboda Recklessness

In the moment of rampant bodaboda accident deaths, the youth led by Makerere University students have sparked a campaign to have bodaboda activity checked.


Closely following this on twitter, I read a tweet from someone that made a lot of sense.


When you think about it, if the bodaboda rider and the passenger were both accountable for the bodaboda riders recklessness, we would greatly minimize these accidents. For example, when a bodaboda rider and his passenger are caught running a red light, they are both fined. The rider for breaking the law and the passenger for being an accomplice.

Sometimes these bodaboda riders are not entirely acting on their own foolhardiness, the passengers to a small extent have a hand in this. One will tell their rider to take them as fast as they can for they are late for a meeting. With this the bodaboda rider will jump all the red lights and ride on every pavement on his route in a bid to take the passenger as fast as he can.

Constituting a law that affects both the rider and the passenger will be a good start to resolving these bodaboda fatalities. If I know I will part with 150,000 ugx if caught, I will not let my bodaboda guy run a red light or ride on a pavement.

Also, whatever happened to enforcing helmets for both the rider and passenger? This government has an excellent track record to initiating and abandoning ideas that could make us a much better country. You see a bodaboda speeding past you, both rider and passenger with no helmets with the passenger carrying a loaf of bread in a ‘Kaveera (polythene bag) – all things that were once upon a time illegal.

R.I.P To those we’ve lost.

Let’s act now to save lives.



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