What is it with Hot women? Why do they have so much power?

The other day I was at the supermarket and this hot dark skinned beauty walked in causing quite a stare.02c2c255fb1f21b5eb97ce4fb2e8f7d9

Being the Casanova I can be sometimes, I struck a conversation when we met in the foods section. Flirted a little bit and then we headed to the counter as she teased me for being single and having to cook my own food. I tried to assure her that I had a fine lady I’d been making plans for. unnamed

She said, “Don’t we all?”

We flirted a little more at the counter, checked out and we left. We did not exchange numbers or anything – because I have a fine lady am making plans for.

When I got home, I started unpacking the items I’d bought and I realised I’d ditched the shopping list the moment she walked in. And I bought nothing to eat, – people don’t eat soap and slippers, we don’t eat that yet? Right? crying-smiley

Well, I had to make another trip to the supermarket and this time I put my list before my lust.

Hot women!!! f58bece565008387c95ee25036b84ad3

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