Sonny Soweez: ‘Tribulationz’ Review

Produced by Baru, Sonny brings us “Tribulationz” – a song that is guaranteed to give you that motivation to push harder. ‘Tribulationz’ couldn’t have been better timed. It comes at a time when a lot of things seem to be going sideways.

Sonny understands that there is a time in one’s life when it seems like nobody understands you. Haven’t we all been there? Often times we escape such moments by reading or talking to someone. Music, however, has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to get through to someone emotionally. Thus, when an artist like Sonny inspires you to push harder and go further the best way she knows how to, she has effectively gotten her message delivered.

Built on a soft piano that introduces and runs throughout the song, ‘Tribulationz’ is composed to touch your soul. The soft piano blended with Sonny’s graceful voice delivers a soulful gospel song.

‘Tribulationz’ questions your faith and how you utilize it when things are getting hard. Your faith can make all the difference in the world. Like Sonny sings “Broken as you seem / there is a remedy within / you cry more than you smile / there is a cure to all the pain / you are not alone in this fight / and never will you be.” All true if your faith in God is as strong as your faith in your smartphone charger every night.

Soulful music is not a popular type of music in Uganda. And when you listen to Sonny on this song, you understand why. It is especially hard to pull off, – a hurdle she jumps with highly impressive composure. Without the vocal strength Sonny has always led with and the ability to naturally hit high and low notes comfortably, a soulful song would just be “sorrowful.”

‘Tribulationz’ preserves the untainted reputation Sonny has built over the years. Not what we normally hear from Sonny, it is however what we ought to hear more of. Music with a purpose, music that inspires and changes the world. An artist that is able to entertain you on a commercial level and still as impressively speak to your soul goes beyond just music. They become an inspiration. A status Sonny accomplishes with this song. Whether she lives up to the expectations that come with the status, time will tell.


‘Tribulationz’ scores all points that grade an excellent soulful song. Her vocals amaze each time.  And if she takes a lifelong music career, we can only expect her to keep getting better with time.

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