The Mith: ‘First Family’ Review

The Mith following an exciting UG Hip Hop vogue samples and thus features politician Tamale Mirundi on one of his latest singles “First Family.” Words from a speech by Tamale are extracted and employed to serve as the intro and outro to the song. And it goes without saying, those words are obviously comical.

This is straight up Hip Hop. The Mith goes hard-core on ‘First Family’ exploring the storytelling view of Hip Hop. He is talking to UG (Uganda) and telling us what’s been going on and what he has been up to. He emphasises his attachment to UG referring to it as “my love,” almost like it were a girl he adored. He raps about losses (RIP), his team, the situation in the industry and a couple of other things.

The Mith is a rapper that has shaped both his rap and artistic side. Not too long ago he released “Nze Wuwo” a single that almost exclusively focuses on his artistic side. Now with ‘First Family’ he is taking us back to the classics – as he mentions in the song, “It’s back to the classics I’ve been known for / a whole year of mad hits let’s see who scores more.” It’s safe to say he just promised us a lot more music this year.

And back to the classics it is. The cleverly written lines and punchlines that compel raucousness from Hip Hop heads are very present on ‘First Family.’ And like I mentioned in an article about Destination Africa, The Mith knows how to deliver a punchline without necessarily dropping ‘big words.’ I’ve been in arguments where my idiot ex-friends crowned a rapper dope depending on the amount of complex, unknown and unspellable words he dropped in his rhymes. Please note that I used “ex-friends” up there, these idiots are no longer my friends.

With ‘First Family’ we are listening to The Mith in a raw typical classic Hip Hop setting. The beat is classic, the flow is classic and the entire composition is absolutely classic. This is not a chorus song that you will be cramming and humming to as you wait for your Rolex as was “Ndi Steady.” This is meant for the fans that appreciate the basics that Hip Hop as a genre is built on.

VERDICT; They say we ought to never forget where we came from, ‘First Family’ is Mith’s way of reminding us that he is still in touch with where it all started.

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