Boyfriend of the Year

This year things will be different. I’ve had 21 years of my life entirely dedicated to myself, although school literally owned about 18 years of those, but who’s counting! This year I’ll make it about you.

What do you often complain about? My phone, my boys, my video games and the small things you care about that I have no interest in.

I can’t promise to stay off my phone (I work from that device) but I’ll mute every conversation except work whenever am with you. My boys, you will have to kill them – I joke! I spoke to my boys and they will respect whenever we have plans. My video games, hmm… I will stop playi… no! Wait! I’ll teach you how to play. (And get her addicted too)

Oh! And those small things, I am currently watching Devious Maids season one – that should tell you a lot.

*This part she doesn’t read*

What does she like? Surprises, nice food, new things and taking pictures.

I set a reminder on my phone to randomly remind me to do something nice for my lady twice every month, which ought to surprise her. This includes random shopping sprees (on a budget), get away weekends and abrupt office deliveries of lunch from her favorite food places. For business and pleasure, we shall visit a new restaurant and food festival every month. She will get to have her nice food and I will have new dishes to review for my blog. This should deal with the “new things like” as well. Taking pictures! A new restaurant and food festival every month, get away weekends? Lots of pictures.

*This part she reads*

I know you like attention, I’ll hold your hand whenever we’re out together. Remembering that you’re a little out of my league, this should make both of us bask in the moment as I feed your need for attention, and my need for everyone else to know I am the one that’s with you.

You like to laugh a lot, I’ll be sure to keep it that way, movie night every last Friday of the month featuring the best romantic comedies (she loves the romantic stuff too).

Our relationship is “perfect” even with those flaws, but if I can work on them this year, I’ll finally have a trophy in my cabin next to my “best speech” speech day medal from kindergarten.

Of course this is the part where I realize that all this would work if I had a girlfriend. Oh well! It’s back to my phone, my boys and my video games.


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