Aren’t Men Really Responsible For Make-up?

Do you (men) sometimes feel responsible for all this makeup, fake butts and all these trendy body enhancements women do? Probably not. Why should you?

But perhaps you should;

When women spend countless hours before their mirrors making sure the lipstick is just right and the makeup is well toned, it is not for them. It is for the men they will meet once they step out of the house. The compliments they will be showered with for how gorgeous they look is what their self-esteem and confidence feed on.


The pressure of society inevitably takes a toll on the women that don’t get these compliments and they are forced to find means of getting that food for their esteem and confidence.

Anita, Miriam, Clare and Carol take a group photo on their girls’ night out and they upload it on Instagram. Likes and comments start rolling in and all the males are complimenting Anita’s tremendous curves, her beautiful face and that lovely hump that forms her big butt.

Miriam, Clare and Carol, fade into the background as Anita takes the spotlight. Some male commenters are even harsh. You’ll have comments like “Anita slaying even with her ugly duckling friends” – this is when it all starts.


Unspoken, the others will envy what Anita is getting because she’s a hot girl. Society puts hot girls on a pedestal and the ‘not hot’ girls are left feeling like outcasts. Solution; if they get fake butts, apply heavy make-up to cover up those pimples and add a little extra to get those large hips, they will be socially accepted and desired.

When one of them tries it, the likes go over the roof, her DM becomes a busy street and her self-esteem and confidence go to an all-time high.


What fueled all this? MEN. So who’s responsible for all this? MEN.

Now, wouldn’t things be different if we looked beyond what a girl looks like physically? I hear some men laughing and hitting me with a “yeah right!”



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