04. Little Erica (Dark Clouds Looming)


(Dark Clouds Looming)

Previously on little Erica

Gabriel utterly baffled by the thought of any truth in what Eric just said left the school at once. He drove straight home hoping to find Martha and confront her. She wasn’t home.

He paced around the living room for minutes before a logical idea finally came to mind.

He went into the bedroom, took a shower and changed clothes. After the shower, he had more or less cooled down. He’d let go of the wrath, but he still needed answers. Thinking back at the “Oops! He wasn’t supposed to know that” look on everyone’s face ignited fury but he restrained himself.

Moments later, he heard the sound of Martha’s Audi pulling into the garage. He was gripped by anxiety which he fought to suppress. He needed a clear mind.

“Hi, honey. Why aren’t you at work today?” Martha asked as she came through the door. “I went to Brian’s school to recover his watch which we did not get. I’d lost most of my day so I decided to come home and spend time with you,” he nervously answered with a faked grin.

“Okay, then,” replied a suspicious Martha. “Let me get changed, come down and we make lunch,” She said walking towards the stairs to the bedroom.

Gabriel wanted to ask her now! But he was always so macho about everything, he feared that if it was indeed true, it would shred him to pieces. He, however, braced himself and…

“Martha!” “Yes, dear.” “Earlier today I was thinking. Your cousin Phillip the doctor said Brian was a premature birth, right? “Yes. Why ask?” she stuttered. “We never dealt with any procedures or cautions for raising a premature baby. Aren’t we just the luckiest?” He posed a rather peculiar question.

There was loud silence in the hallway as he waited for what she would say next. In his mind, her answer would determine how the situation escalates from there.


To Be Continued…

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