What I Think My (Your) Exes Say about Me (You)

Here is something stupidly accurate.

If you are seeking discussions your exes might have about you, I apologize, the title is quite misleading. But if you’re here to know what the people you’ve dated portray about your character, you read the title right.


With no intent to brag, I have dated some of the finest girls I’ve been lucky to meet. Sometimes I reminiscence and wonder what they were thinking, because frankly I am not a catch for the kind of guy the women I’ve been with should be with. And just to clarify, this is my opinion; they might have been fine to me and despicable to you (for those that know them) but well this is my article, not yoursshiny-smile

What does this say about me? I like the finest things. The restaurants I eat at when am feeling plenteous, the drinks I order and generally how I lead my life, the assumption might be true.

I have never dated – Wait! f101f3a73389ab79c80c5e52f56b1a43Oh! Crap! Anyway… I have never dated anyone that I felt wasn’t going to make me a better person. I have dated rich girls, I’ve dated Christian girls, I’ve dated all kinds and from all those experiences, I learnt something valuable that I took to the next relationship. This says I do things with a purpose and I learn.

I am a bit old school. I like a challenge. I want to earn my girls’ trust and love – the journey to this is exceedingly a treat. If she already liked me, we never dated – no challenge to accept. All the girls I’ve dated were never interested in me at the start but I always earned it. This tells you that I like to work for my rewards.

And all the above are true, they apply to my career, my job and my life.

With that drill in mind, what do you think your exes say about you? If the trend is consistent, then through your exes you might discover some of your outstanding character traits.


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