03. Little Erica (The misbegotten Son)


(The misbegotten Son)

Previously on Little Erica…

“Charles, I saw what you did, you thief,” said Samora in a raging tone. “I am telling on you. How dare you!” she added starting to move towards the teacher. “Brian paid me to do it,” Charles quickly confessed.

“Brian?” “Yes. Brian. He paid me.”

Everyone dreaded Brian. His money and influence made him such a scourge. Getting in his bad books wasn’t worth anything. Life and death; death was more dependable if Brian was involved.

Samora was compromised. Helping Erica and giving Brian reason for retribution wasn’t wise. It broke her. The horror of dealing with Brian couldn’t let her do the right thing.

Amidst the musing, she sees Eric. Eric would do anything to protect his little sister. Nothing was off-limits, no one was untouchable. She hurries to him and tells him what she witnessed and what Charles confessed. The more Samora talks, the more he boils. And when hearing about Brian’s betrayal becomes intolerable, he snaps.

Exasperated, Eric is driven to confront Brian and beat the truth out of him if he must.

Brian sees Eric approaching from a distance, red eyes and clenched fists with Charles in the background signaling Brian to run. Brian starts to panic inside, but maintains his cool on the outside.

Eric gets to Brian as Erica is getting checked. With a clasp, he grabs Brian by the belt and sends an anger propelled bunch right across his nose. Brian stumbles but Eric pulls him back with that firm grip and sends another punch across his now bloody nose.

The teacher quickly stops the checking and runs to intervene. The teacher with Gabriel break up the fight but not before Eric hauled one last blow up Brian’s weak rib cage shouting “you bastard. How dare you?”

“Stop it you unruly dirty boy,” yelled Gabriel restraining Eric. “Who are you calling a bastard?”

“Who!?” Eric laughed sarcastically. “That bastard is not your son. Sir. It’s a shame everyone knows but you.”


To Be Continued…


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