That Old School Love

If you met the love of your life today, chances are you might miss them. Why you would be so stupid to let them go, one wonders! But it’s not you. It’s 2016.

The men; we have lost some of our balls to technology. If you want a girl, you will either look her up on Facebook, Instagram or find a friend that has a friend that has her number. Once you have it with no memorable hustle, you will text her and she will block you; – Happily Never After.

The women; thanks to Facebook and Instagram, your number of “stalkers” has shot through the roof. As a result, your perception towards whoever DMs you is; “they just want a piece of this a$$.” Consequentially, you miss the right guy and when desperation hits, you end up with the nearest “stalker.”

What’s funny though, we do not have a problem with this? We simply turn up that Jayz and Swiss Beats and “we on to the next one.”

I don’t want this. I want to walk up to you, have a good conversation and use some cleverly thought of line to get your number. I want to call you later and ask if you got home okay. Text you a few days after and ask you out to lunch or coffee. I want to be a perfect gentleman on that date, and when I drop you home, as much as I will want to, I will not kiss you; – a hug will do. I want to have long conversations on the phone, I want to take a walk with you… what I want is; let’s disable our phone’s data connections, put the phones in the pockets of my jeans and pretend it’s 1985 (before we & that technology were born).

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