Baru: ‘Young King’ Review

Baru is doubtlessly a familiar name if you are a Ugandan urban music fan and if you have the right friends. Otherwise, Baru is another name you and your friends will be reading about here for the first time. But before you leave; allow me to introduce you to Baru; an artistic mind that represents an entire generation of Ugandan urban music production. A maker that let’s creativity flow as naturally captivating as the artists that lay their vocals on the jaw-dropping Instrumentals he masterminds.

I got an exclusive listen to his latest chef-d’oeuvre, a brilliantly crafted 7 unequaled tracks project titled “Young King” and what a piece of art! It’s one thing to listen to a nice project, but it is a whole other thing to be enchanted into listening to an eye-opening project.

“Young King” reveals so much more than just the richness of Baru’s originative mind. It goes to represent the maturity the industry is undergoing. If the breed of young producers the industry is nurturing will be as prodigious as Baru, our industry has yet again gotten something else right.

With “Young King” Baru gets it right from the offset. From the illustrated-hand painted artwork by Kwi Era to the music it contains, everything is artistically accurate. The first track which serves as the intro flirtatiously draws you into the experience you are about to live. There is an echoey reverberance in the vocals that introduce you to the song, laid over an intense ‘church pipe organ’ like sound that fades into the song, – the fusion is so acute it compels goosebumps if you are a meticulous listener.

This is a typical Baru trait; the detail in the beats he creates is always felt. The level of precision that goes into merging every instrument to perfectly blend the sound he is creating flaunts the talent that this young producer is empowered with. And impressively, this detail is felt throughout all the 7 songs of the project.

As you go from track to track, you will notice that every track is different. He is a producer that does not affiliate himself with a particular sound. He is a creatively diverse person and the diversity on every song is truly astonishing. Ugandan Hip Hop & RnB fans always have the same complaints about how our artists and producers are copycats or wannabes. This inevitably biases others that may want to join the movement and support the industry. Well now, with “Young King” Baru has stepped forth to assure the critics that we actually have a producer that can create an entirely fresh urban sound. A sound so good, if you didn’t know it was him your guesses would start with Just Blaze, – it is that good.

From his interview with The Tribe UG, Baru revealed that the entire creation process of this project was experimental and this is evident as you listen. No rules or directions were conformed to, “Young King” gives us an uncorrupted Baru. Everything you will hear is entirely a virtuous Baru. You voyage deep into his mind, you explore his prowess as he delivers his art and you will absolutely enjoy every bit of it.

“Young King” is indeed a landmark. Baru and the phenomenal line up of artists that feature on this project all in their artistic uniqueness came together to give us great music. The incredible Ivory Namara is on this project, Abaasa, Play01, Sanyu Sings and a couple of other young artists that are a true manifestation of the legacy that is in progress. And may I just say how incredibly mind-blowing the female vocalist on this project were! The vocal effectiveness they bring is just so ‘standing ovation’ deserving. It is, beautiful!

However, this project may not appeal to every listener. You need to have a certain level of open-minded appreciation to truly enjoy “Young King.” If you are particular about how instruments should be intermixed to make a beat, how lyrically rich a verse should be then, unfortunately this isn’t the project for you.

But if you are looking for fresh sounds to grace your playlist, then you just stumbled upon a gold mine.

Verdict; “Young King” will be the most musically fascinating collection you will hear from a Ugandan creator in a very long time. Baru has over the last few years proven himself to be the most outstanding creator of our generation. He raises the bar and sets it at a standard that marks the trend for others to follow. Brilliantly done Baru.

“Young King” release date 30th April 2016

Baru Young King

“Young King” Official Artwork

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