02. Little Erica (The Stooge)



(The Stooge)

Previously on Little Erica…

“…I understand Sir. They know better than to take something that doesn’t belong to them,” explained the teacher to Gabriel.

“Okay. One by one, bring your bags for checking,” continued the teacher facing the terrified students.


Brian went home without his chronograph, and his father Gabriel immediately noticed the $16,000 watch was missing. When he asked him about it, Brian said he lost it at school, and that someone might have stolen it.

Gabriel was furious and demanded that Brian’s little thieving classmate must be found. “He must return it and apologize for taking it.”

What Brian deliberately forgot to mention was, he had let Eric take it.

The evening Eric took the watch, he was mobbed by his friends on the way home. They admired and daydreamt a life where they could wear  such a watch. The long walk to the village was filled with shared moments of trying on the heavy time piece.

Charles had the most time with the watch. Being the biggest kid in school, when it was his turn to wear it, he refused to return it and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

They got to the point where their paths separate, Charles bullied Eric into taking the watch home. Eric pleaded and cried but all fell on deaf ears.

Eric then camped outside Charles’ home till dark but Charles still did not return the watch. Eric eventually gave up and returned home to a worried mother and sister.


“Did you get it?” Brian asked Charles as they were outside waiting to be checked. “Yes. It’s here,” replied a scared Charles handing it to Brian. But Brian was quick to stop him. “No,” Brian whispered in a low roar. Looking around suspiciously, Brian continued, “Do what I paid you to do.”

Trembling, Charles stood behind Erica. Slowly unzipped her bag and dropped the watch inside.


To Be Continued…


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