01. Little Erica (Billion-heir)



Previously on Little Erica…

Brian! Eric’s best friend. A brat that cared less about… anything! To be honest, he probably didn’t have to. His father was a widower billionaire that married a hot young woman from the West. Brian was a result of that union, and an only child – how lucky?

Right from birth, he had all his desires at a wish, whether spoken or withheld.

Predictably, he had his mother’s looks and his father’s life style. Walked around campus oozing with “billion-heir” swag and owing to this, he dated whomever he craved, never lasting long in a relationship.

I suppose it goes without saying, he was a modern day Giacomo Casanova.

Eric, was his “best friend” too. They didn’t have much in common. That’s if we ignore the fact that Brian had intentions for Erica (Eric’s twin-sister).

The rules of engagement dictate that you cannot date your friend’s sister. Brian respected that in theory but he was never much of a doer. Eric made it clear that Erica was off-limits. But who the hell was he? A peasant boy telling the prince of the city what not to do? Brian felt a little insulted, but he let it go. If he wanted Erica, he would go for her. Eric just needn’t know.

If anything, all he wanted was her body. He wasn’t about to bring a foul peasant girl into his families lap of luxury. She was beneath his prominence. Although his lust for her African body played Judas to his ego.

He wanted her! Eric’s caution only made his lust more savage. He always got whatever he wanted without opposition. Erica wasn’t going to be a…

“Wait! Eric’s caution!” Brian said to himself. “What if…?” He smiled.

Eric always wanted to borrow Brian’s Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph. That evening, Brian let him have it.

To Be Continued…



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