Reality: The Good Magician

We all have that friend, that stupid-stupid friend that stays in bad situations no matter how much we try to throw them a lifeline to save them.

Recently, I decided to stop being ‘Superman.’ I accepted that as much as it’s in my nature, I am a mere mortal – I cannot save everyone. I do not have the time, the resources and more so the patience to keep giving sound advice and always be ignored till it’s too late or till I don’t give a rat’s a** anymore.

Then I made a new friend. He is always around, he watches as we indulge in risky situations and reckless behaviors while ignoring superheroes like myself. He is a very concerned chap, he often gives a lot of red lights and stop signs but he is always and constantly ignored as well. So what he does, he walks into the nearest carpentry shop, buys a beach chair and sits. He sits and waits. He usually orders English tea and takes tiny sips as he waits for you to come around.

His name is REALITY. We have all met him, but we have not taken the time to make him our friend. He is my friend and thanks to him I bought myself a beach chair and I now take English tea whenever am ignored even with the “S” on my chest.

I call him a magician because he has the ability to put your mind in a trance, predict situations, unveil the facts behind the “trick” that put you in that bad situation, vividly help you remember the red lights and how you ignored them, then stick around long enough to watch you drench in the shocked amazement of what just happened. Unable to comprehend how you got here, he will then slowly take you by the hand – if you are willing, and he will teach you.

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