STOP Beating in Schools

After much thought and watching videos of police mercilessly beating people, a clip of the Nigerian army officers brutally beating cadets in training, teachers overstepping their power to beat as punishment; I think it’s only right that we stop beating as any form of punishment especially for children in school.

What gives one human or some humans the superior right over others? The superior right to beat as a form of punishment! I’ll take this one out on teachers in schools, even the schools I went to practice beating as a form of punishment – I condemn it. Beating is fine, but it is an act that is misused.

I vividly remember teachers that beat with so much rage. The intention ceased to be ‘to punish’ and moved towards torture and assertion of the unchecked power they had over you.

I am not against punishing wrong-doers; everyone must pay the price of doing the contrary, otherwise how would we learn if we walked through life inconsequentially. But, beating as a form of punishment has been greatly unbridled it is getting to that extreme point of torture and inhumanness.

The right to beat as a form of punishment should only be reserved for parents. I honestly believe only parents genuinely beat to teach a lesson and shape the child. I understand there are pitiless parents that also punish to exert their power, but we can find a way to settle that once teachers have been put in their place as regards to this matter.

In my thinking, we are all human – none more superior than the other, so what gives some humans the right to inflict anguish on others simply because the law or society says they are allowed to punish them by beating! I think whoever came up with the idea of jail was absolutely brilliant. That right there; is a form of punishment that reforms individuals. It defines the purpose of punishing someone. It takes away certain privileges and gives them routines that allow them to change their ways and get in line with the laws that govern their society.

Any child that must be punished, should not be beaten. That form of punishment has been abused and it needs to be thoroughly checked. The right to beat children in school should be withdrawn from teachers because they simply can’t handle the powerfulness of that act. Beating has the power to traumatize,

injure and make children hate school. Whenever teachers with so much hatred use that opportunity to lay it all on these innocent children, it is no longer punishment, it is torture and child abuse.

True the children might be guilty of whatever they are being punished for, but beating them like you’ve been hired is not a solution – it is a crime.

The tension and scare of giving a wrong answer,

failing at a subject you are poor at, making mistakes in homework and in school takes the fun out of the learning experience. How are children supposed to be social and love school if every teacher is holding a stick that you know could cause you unexpected pain any second, simply because your shirt which is supposed to be tucked in is untucked and you didn’t notice early enough to make it right?

We had teachers in my schools that were a source of fear and torment. They were dreaded and we often jubilated when misfortune befell them. Can you imagine? They tortured us so much their problems were our joy for we felt like that was God trying to even the score.

I was beaten in school, I didn’t mind it but I hated it. Sometimes it was unreasonable and I still dislike the teachers that took it to that level. So in my opinion, teachers should not have the right to beat children. If they are so smart ‘like they claim’ or ‘like they are,’ let them invent another effective means of punishment that does not inflict pain but teaches a lesson.


Beating makes children hate school and we need teachers to start acting professionally.

They have become the unspoken bullies in school and they are protected by the law which is a disappointment.

We need change effected on this and beating in schools must stop.

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