Shortcut to Hell: Your Hands On My Lady!

I saw a video today of a security guard that slapped a woman and I was very disturbed by what I saw. I was literally filled with so much rage if I were there, I’d have caused a scene that would have ended in two cars; a police vehicle and an ambulance. I’d feel sorry hearing the sirens go off as he is whisked away in that ambulance, but then again, he’d have deserved it.

This got me thinking; I do not back away from fights, I just avoid them. I am the type to assess a situation and if it will lead to a fight, I’ll not get involved.

However, I’ll beat a brother to death, resuscitate him and do it again, the day anybody even attempts to put as ignorable as a finger on my lady. First of all, your filthy hands on my lady’s face!? Are you insane? Even in a fiction book, the author would never grant anybody the imaginative action of putting their hands on my baby’s beautiful face.

Secondly, fellows! Whatever happened to respecting women! That’s a story for another day. But where it concerns my girl, I do not care what you are, I’d do regrettable damage to you. Regrettably for you not me. Me! I’d be happy to do it. My lady is my responsibility, I will protect her and I do not care to what lengths I have to go.

We all know the ratio of women to men has us with many options making picking the right one quite a task. Thus, by the time I choose her out of all of them, she is the fairest one of them all. Seeing someone disrespect that choice is something I would never stand for.

In Chess the Queen protects the king; I’ll fight for my lady because that’s what kings do in reality.


To disrespect my lady is to ask me to drag you to hell and bring the sun along with me. You will wish for a micro-second in Alaska.


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