I Can Be Quite The Romanticist

You know what?

I’ve been thinking.

I will wake up one morning, take a shower, put on my sweat pants, and grab my car keys and drive.

I will not stop until I am at a gift shop.

At the gift shop, I’ll park my car, turn down the music (I like to drive with a bit of loud music) get out of the car and walk into the gift shop. I will walk straight to the florist section and I will only pick 2 sets of the bouquet that caught my eye the moment I walked into the store.

Heading to the counter, I’ll pay, not with a credit card or mobile wallet, but cash. After paying, I will notice the chocolate bars strategically placed on the counter and I’ll ask for two bars of Cadbury Caramilk and have them added to my bill.

Then I will write an address on the package and ask it be delivered to that address in a couple of days.

With that, I’ll head back to my car, turn up that music and drive straight back home.


‘Honey, there is a package here for you,’ my lady will call out.

I will walk to the coffee table where she will have placed the package, pick it up, look at her, kiss her on the forehead and call my driver to deliver it to my mum.

Just as he is exiting the door, I’ll call him back, I will open that package, remove one chocolate bar and one bouquet of flowers and hand them to my lady. Then kiss her on the lips this time and remind her that I love her and I am lucky to have her.

Only and only then, can my driver proceed to take the other items to my mother.

Cause you know why… Mums are great. The man that I am today, the man she will be proud to call her man, the way I’ll treat my lady!?… My mother made that happen.

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