18th February: Something You Should Know

You are a few days away from mending or completely destroying your and your children’s future. How, you may ask? Allow me to enlighten you.

I read a book that changed my life recently. A small logical statement I learned from the book has had me making the most tremendous changes in my life. “If you don’t like the outcome of the event, change your response to that event.”

The event: Current state of the country, current state of your life, current state of the road to your dreams etc…

The Outcome: You are either where you want to be or at least steadily moving towards there or you are not.

Your response: What you decide to do with your ink on 18th February 2016.

As you make that line to vote on the 18th, I need you to have a few things in mind. Of course, as you make that queue you know whom you are definitely going to vote for president. But are you smart enough to think and reason beyond the bandwagon or the wards of money that have been splashed on you to buy your future? Have you actually thought of the aftermath and the consequences of whoever you tick on that day?

If the education your children are getting or the education you are getting is what you feel you deserve, if it is okay that transport from Kampala – Wandegeya has doubled (from 500/= to 1000/=) – that’s not the only case there are several, if it’s okay that food prices have tripled – remember 300ml soda used to be 500/= now its 1,500/=, if it’s alright that fuel is currently at 3,650/= for petrol where almost the rest of the world has prices about half of that, if it’s not a problem that 50/= which used to buy me pancakes and chewing gum as a kid is now considered useless / valueless, if it’s just fine that UNRA advertised jobs and hundreds of people traveled from all corners of the country to line up for hours just to hand in applications, if it has never been a bother that your Toyota Vitz needs new shock-absorbers every few months and the solution is powerful 4×4 SUVs for government officials so that the potholes are no longer an issue, if it’s absolutely fair that the enormously high Pay As You Earn taxes are deducted from your hard earned cash because your social services and welfare are improved… etc.

…then my friend, line up and vote to keep your situation the way it is because your life is going great. Your dreams are a few price inflations, potholes, unemployment and un-affordable lifestyle away.

However, if you suffer from the above mentioned and more due to THE EVENT, then my friend, it is time for you to change YOUR RESPONSE in order to obtain your desired OUTCOME. Think about it for a second, where has ‘your response’ gotten you so far? This goes to everyone that has responded to ‘the event’ the same way for the last 30 years.

They say the peak of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a change in the results. If ‘your response’ has been the same and yet somehow you believe things are supposed to miraculously change? It’s lent period, fast and ask the Lord for guidance because your insanity couldn’t manifest itself in any other way.

Therefore, as we vote in a few days, weigh your current situation Vs your dreams and goals, then make “your response’ to either change that or keep it the way it is.


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