Rolex? “Eew! Am a babe”

It’s dinner time at campus and you don’t really feel like spending 5,000/= on a full meal you probably won’t finish – or you are simply broke and hungry. What you need is a quick meal, fixed quickly and nutritious enough to keep you healthy while keeping your finances at a considerable advantage.

Well, the fellows will just walk to the nearest Rolex stand and have the “chef” whip up some eggs, put them in a chapatti(s), skillfully throw some tomatoes, green paper, onions, a bit on salt, a dramatic amount of cooking oil and then the mathematically accurate folding of the entire feast ensues thus you have your dinner at 2,500/=.


Half the price of a full meal. That 2,500/= if not saved for tomorrow can top up for more drinks at the local bar tonight.

Being a guy is affordable and frankly, it’s more adventurous – food-wise.

Then there comes the girls. Rolex is the forbidden fruit – one wonders why they had to misinterpret that ‘campus survival Bible.’ For the girls, the Rolex stand is a no go zone. The few that are brave enough to go there do it with America’s Navy Seal Team Six stealth and undetectability.

She will have the “chef” on speed dial, quickly call him up and ask him to prepare a Rolex of 2,000/=. Then she will request him to close for a second and head to a designated meeting point for the pick up.

As she leaves to go and pick the package, she will yell in the hostel hallway how she’s going to the supermarket to pick up noodles and soda and maybe a burger from the fanciest restaurant in the village. She will head to the ‘ground zero’ in a hoodie and baggy shorts to give off the guy look.


Her squad will follow her and post at strategic locations along the route to her rendezvous point with the chef just to be on the look out. It’s a “cover me” scenario like in movies during a shoot out between the FBI and the criminals. As if transacting drug business…

A drug exchange in a street (posed by models)

… she will stealthily swap the money for the Rolex and off she goes. Carefully looking out to her squad for “the coast is clear” signals…


… she heads back to her room where she’ll lock her door, turn off the lights and put her phone in ‘silent’ to avoid detection till the Rolex has been hungrily devoured.

What follows is intoxicating her room with her perfume trying to rid it of the Rolex aroma.

The next day, She will cheerlead in conversations where they are pinning guys for being broke and only being able to afford a Rolex.

Sometimes, they are ‘cute’ about it. She will fake a height on a night out and ask for Rolex pretending it’s the liquor speaking. All she’s had is a beer bought from the savings he made off the Rolexes he has eaten all week.

On a sober evening, if you (a guy) dare to ask her if she wants a Rolex as you head to the ‘chef’ to pick up yours;

You: Rolex?

Her: Eew! Am a babe?


What the ^&*%@#$????flat,550x550,075,f

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