How Serious Is the Need to Find a Man?

This morning, one of my friends shared a screen shot from a blog article about a pastor that told single women in his church to get naked, go to the beach, bend over and have him kiss their booties so they can get blessings to find marriage.


Women!!! Reallyflat,550x550,075,f? Is the situation honestly this bad?

First of all, any pastor that tells his female “flock” to get naked and let him all up in their booties is no man of God; That’s a ga’damn pervert and a special seat (metallic bench) near the source of Hell’s fire awaits him. Secondly, ladies, beautiful, and in this case ‘bootiful’ ladies, how gullible must you be? Has the need to find a man gotten this radical that it blinds all judgement, self-worth and the so-called ‘dignity’? So when he kisses your booty what next? Prince charming pops out your booty on a horse waving the Excalibur!!!


I am not going to be an insensitive a** about all this, I know getting a “good man” can be harder than finding a unicorn but, desperate measures aren’t going to bring him either. Let’s try more proven approaches like;

  • Let your friends set you up for dates with their male friends

  • “Wear less and go out more”

  • Even dating websites and apps can be an option

  • Set reasonable standards, do not lower your standards, just make them reasonable

  • Work hard, look good, be successful – that woman always attracts that level of men. We are irresistibly attracted to that kind of woman.

  • Join a church with a sane pastor, all these fake pastors and prophets tend to put women on unnecessary pressure by preying on your insecurity and panic of not having a man yet to convince you into demoralizing acts.

… the list is endless.

One thing you need to realize is that the pressure to find a man is usually self-induced. Why? All your friends are getting married and having babies and now at 25 you feel you are getting too old. As a result, you start to feel ugly and unwanted. Perhaps your relationships don’t always work or guys do not make moves as often as you think you need to be approached. Now you lose track of what really matters, e.g. career, yourself and family and you start witch hunting for a witch doctor to bring you luck and that’s how you stumble upon that sex pest of a pastor.


What could be chasing all these guys? Assess yourself and work on those factors you have analyzed as the possible reasons why men don’t seem to come around often or the ones that come around don’t stick around.

But please for God’s sake stop letting men exploit you for the satisfaction of their perverted sexual fantasies in the name of blessing you to get men. I’d like someone to point to a testimony that says that after she had sex with her pastor, she got a single billionaire with a Channing Tatum body and their marriage is a Disney “happily ever after.”

Wake up ladies!!! Go out there and find a man. Concentrate on your greatest qualities, standout wherever you can and don’t let the despair take control. Prayers work, but they only supplement an effort being made already. Don’t let your pastor kiss your ass, please! If your man is going to come, he will. If not, he won’t – both options are 100% available for you after-all.

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