Relationship Goals – Marry This Guy

Ever wondered why great speeches move people? Why great speeches end wars? Ever wondered why when words, just words, if used or interpreted incorrectly nations go to wars?

Why do we use the words “that’s sweet” when someone says something nice? You can’t explain why or how you can taste them.

A life time where the words you hear are the right words is a lifetime of the right situations no matter the kind of life.

When you are feeling low, you need him to know exactly what to tell you. When you are excited, he will know the right words to make you relish and drench in your moment. When you need advice, however harsh he may have to put the reality of the situation, you’ll know you are hearing what needs to be said. A text from him will light you up and you’ll smile even before you read it. The words ‘I love you’ are not just said, you feel every letter, every punctuation and every emotion of hearing those words”

I want you to live a life where my words paint a reality so vivid it’s unmistakably the most beautiful painting in your gallery.


Marry a Poet



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