What if You Trusted Me With Your Body?

WARNING: Readers discretion is advised

See the thing is;

I know I constantly tell you not to trust me with your body

But it’s not just me, that should apply to everybody //

I do not say that for your safety – I’d never harm you. It’s for my safety

Me alone with that incredible body, is a moment who’s consequences are frankly quite hefty //


To make you understand; with you I am like a kid in a candy store unsupervised

The urge to touch and taste the candy is supersized //

I am just a kid that knows how to keep my hands to myself

I watch the candy, I want the candy, I am tempted to, but I leave it on the shelf. //


You constantly argue that you are not the finest I’ve seen

Well how would you know? Do you know all the girls in the places I’ve been?

It’s hard to comprehend why I am so aroused by your beauty

Why my eyes are spell-bound by the mild sultry movement of your booty //


What I am with you is an addict that knows how far to take the addiction.

To be honest I am afraid of what would happen if I walked all the distance of that addiction //

But what if I wasn’t? And what if you trusted me with your body?

Am not really sure of what it is that I am really afraid of the most?

Liking it or that our friendship could be the cost //


I don’t see you that way, you probably don’t either

But the lipstick shade and the shape of your lips, have me wanting to kiss you as a teaser //

What if we both like it? And a teaser leads to another one

Only that your lips taste so good and we kiss so well it leads to another one //


I know right? That awkward moment when it’s all over

While we hug goodbye, I refuse to let go and we start all-over //

This time we are less afraid and it feels much better

With how soft your body is, while relaxed I bet it gets much wetter //


Oops! Look what you made me say?

You have me having your breasts on my chest cause my hands took your bra straps away //

You are probably wondering what happened to the dress

Are we moving that fast that we skipped a pace? //


Now you get really nervous and after all the hesitation we’ve gone through, you finally stop.

You slightly push me away, hide your face, reach for your dress and pull it up all the way to the top //

I can’t help smiling at how cute you look with the red face as you shyly blush

To the bathroom to fix your hair and makeup you go in a rush //


So what if I wasn’t? And what if you trusted me with your body?



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