2016 – A Serious Relationship


You know what! I think next year (2016) I should try and get into a serious relationship

… any of those words sound like something you said in December 2015 flat,550x550,075,f?

Well, they got me thinking; what do we actually mean by serious relationships? And shouldn’t it be offensive to the person you are with if to you it’s not a serious relationship?

I suppose a serious relationship is one where you anticipate and look forward to maybe putting a ring on it!?


But in reality we are wrong to call that a serious relationship because that is “a relationship.” Like literally, that’s a relationship. It wouldn’t go by any other name.

Tell me; when he eventually puts a ring on it, what changes? You still have the same sex, kiss the same, hangout like you used to, fight sometimes and basically 98% of the situation remains the same.

Unless you mean to tell me that before the ring, you were holding back and now that you are in a serious relationship you intend to give him “serious sex.” You have only been giving him 30% and now you are about to unleash a whole serious remaining %


In my understanding, there are two kinds of serious relationships:

  • Where you plan for a life together, maybe make an investment together, meet each others family and friends, talk more about each other and discover what maybe an issue if you are going to be together forever and find solutions, maybe start saving for a future together and eventually legalize the relationship and start a family.


  • Where you are going to pay attention to who he texts, who he hangs out with, what time he comes back, how much he spends on the relationship, what she wears to the club, which guys she talks to etc… – basically you are about to become a “serious” problem.



What serious are you seeking next year?


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