A Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

Dear Future mother of my child,


Wherever you are I hope you read this before we walk down that road /

I understand there will be no turning back once the baby is on board //

But I have a bit of an issue /

I know you’ll get emotional then

So I bring it up now hoping you don’t need a tissue //


See! I have been dreaming of being a dad since I was a little boy /

I am not ashamed to say that amidst all my muscle cars and trucks

I always kept a teddy bear and it was my favorite toy //

I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes, I am straight /

My teddy bear was my son and I took great care of it

A very admirable daddy trait //


My big sister made clothes for him /

My little sister put him to “sleep” and when I left home for school

I’d leave him in the couch and put cartoons for him //

I loved the experience, always looked forward to asking about his day /

Even though he couldn’t speak, my relationship with my son was fine that way //


What started as a game! /

Became a reality for me and he even had a name //


I remember a time a rat bit off part of his ear /

I was extremely sad I nearly shed a tear //

My sisters and I rushed him to the hospital (dining table)

And he was immediately taken into surgery /

My big sister equipped with a needle and thread saved my son’s life.

From a tailor to a surgeon, she was a master of her forgery //


I eventually outgrew him and I had to put him away /

Now the reality of a real son gets clearer by the day

And I am looking forward to it in every single way //


Wait! I had a point I was driving at? Mm… Oh yeah


So the other day on Facebook I saw an argument over who names the baby /

Did I think it was a silly argument? Maybe! //

However, when the time comes, I’d like to name the child /

You’d be a monster to refuse after my little story about my first child //


Your loving Future Husband




10 thoughts on “A Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

  1. Wow, spoken word verse.. The flow was great and the words were even more precious. I can see Ingrid has been paving a pretty good way for one lucky lady.. I’m glad you took the time to see the past and wish your future the same beautiful way.. all the best.. 🙂


  2. I love that you still have that emotional vulnerable part about you that made you my favorite. And you’re not afraid to show it. I think this letter speaks for many men seeing that many mothers usually just naturally take over the whole naming right. Good read!


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