I Met A Girl Yesterday…

* the events below took place on Saturday 12th December *

I could tell you all the little magnificent details about her, but I promised myself I’d make her read all about my writing first. It would be a pleasant surprise for her to stumble on one about herself, now wouldn’t it? I cannot be too quick to close on that, it could go the other way.

What she was is the simple but sophisticated type. Her hair, nails, shoes and choice of outfit quickly confirmed that.


There was something glamouring about her the moment she walked into the party. I knew I was fascinated by her appearance, I knew why, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be.

I walked up to her and introduced myself. We’d been in mutual friend conversations but never really cared for the other due to no concern. When I introduced myself there was a delightful glow in her eyes that seemed to suggest “Oh So we finally meet.”

I’ve written about women dressing their bodies in the right dresses; well she’d scored 10/9 points on that. She looked heavenly stunning in her dress. It struck the perfect balance between sexy and classy. Although I’d like to think there wasn’t much of a balance, my mind was more on the sexy side of the affair.

A beautiful girl in a beautiful dress! Did someone shout fairy-tale?

The body hugging short dress run down her unbelievable body in the most natural unhampered way. It held her so vividly I could make out the shape of her beautiful well-toned body.

The jacket she threw on top of it did not obstruct the view in the least. Features that well created are a masterpiece of God that deserve to be witnessed.

Tonight, she struck gold when she chose that dress for the occasion. It had the proper fitting from top down. The slim fit was undeniably seductive, from her waist, it spread out causing a swell up to accommodate her evenly distributed not too wide whilst fairly large hips.

Her curves spread out just right and pulled back to join what I think is the best pair of legs I have come across. *I have a thing for a nice pair of legs and hers; I can neither confirm nor deny what I want or do not want to do with them*

It’s a long interesting story that ends at the altar…! Don’t I wish? Am not heavy on first sight impressions, but I am pretty heavy on first impressions; – get the difference? I can’t help but wonder what was going on inside her beautiful mind the entire night.

I kept stealing glances at her, her body language was one I am not yet fluent in. I am a little curious to know what’s on her mind, for I don’t care to hide the fact that I find her extremely fascinating.

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