Missing More Than Just Your Body

Justin Bieber blew our minds when he had just been discovered by Scooter Braun and Usher. It was incredible seeing this young kid going toe to toe with the big boys and selling more records than them, scooping more awards etcetera.

Then he grew up, lost the innocence and became the a**h*** we all loved to hate. This went on and his career was on a downward slope. His music to most of us became too immature and we stopped listening to his “crap.”

Now, a much grown up and repentant Justin Bieber has returned to the scene and we are slowly loving him again. In one of his latest singles, “Sorry” there is particularly a line that I especially like. “… Cause am, missing more than just your body.”

 When you pay attention and let your mind wonder on it for a while, that’s a pretty mature thing to say Justin.

Justin aside; when we are missing someone we are intimately involved with, to be brutally honest most times we are actually missing their body / sex. It’s hardly ever about their smile, the way they make us laugh and all that. I am not saying it’s not there, it is definitely there but not as much as missing their body.

Now, when you are missing more than just someone’s body, I got news for you; – you just might be in love. When you miss more than someone’s body, it plain means you observe all the little things about them and you love those little things. Not having them around puts you in a state of being deprived.

From personal experience, I totally relate to missing more than just her body; – been there. That line is deeper than we care to realize.

Now after reading this go, think about it then bump a Drake album! (wink!)




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