Top 5 Best International Musicians 2015

I wish this list could have been longer, I have so many artists I feel deserved to be here. Drake, Usher, Jeremih, Chris Brown, Arianna Grande and several others were incredible this year but I had to be true to myself and narrow it down to the 5 that kept me entertained all year long.

  1. Tinashe


She has been nothing but absolutely amazing this year. Hit after hit, feature after feature and let’s not forget the extremely sexy music videos. Tinashe makes it to number 5 as she kept the radios blazing with her sound all year.

  1. Meghan Trainor

New comer Meghan Trainor did not make a simple entrée into the industry. She made it loud and noticeable. She even got herself a Grammy Awards nomination for next year and I personally believe it’d be well deserved if she took that baby home.

  1. Trey Songz

courtesy of

Trigga has been here, he has been relevant and he has been banging. From tracks that made my year like “Slow Motion” to all the amazing tracks off his recent mix tape “To Whom It May Concern” Trey Songz is that artist that has kept music exciting all year long.

  1. The Weeknd

The Weeknd? An artist I didn’t like at first but he proved himself beyond the standard I set for my favorite artists. When he is on a hook expect pure unadulterated sound from this incredible singer. His most recent album “Beauty Behind the Madness” was a masterpiece that has made him one of the leads in the Grammy nominations this year.

  1. Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie has been my favorite musician this year. He has kept me motivated to achieve more in life through his web videos, he has been the most played artist on my phone, my computer and everywhere. He is that artist that I have shared and told people about the most this year. My sisters say I am obsessed with his music and I agree. “MZRT” his latest album is a must get for all great unique music lovers.

There you have it.


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