A Thing about Being Famous

Fame: The state of being well-known and much spoken about; the quality of being famous

Have you wanted to be famous? Let’s say make music and become famous for it, use that paint brush and sell millions of dollars in art? Probably yes. A big percentage of us desire fame because of all the good stuff that come with it.

Well, if you eventually make it to that place, here is a thing I’d like you to always keep in mind.

When you get to that place, many people start looking at your differently. They view you as a gateway to their success in that field as well, they view you as a mentor and they try to reach out for tips and opportunities in any way you can help.

Personally I have tried to reach out to several successful famous people for help with various things but I have been faced with a big problem. When people make it to that place, I don’t understand if it’s the busy life style or it’s simply lack of regard for others, but they tend to only want to associate with people of their level.

To be honest, I understand that. When the status changes a lot changes and we can’t blame them for ignoring anyone that’s not on their level. Its human nature we cannot prosecute them for.

I’ll give you a personal example, I am not famous or successful yet, but i have had people sending me emails to look at their articles and edit them, give a few remarks and generally help them improve their work. I have also had up and coming artists’ send me their links to look into their music and write something about it if I feel it’s worth it.

I used to ignore all this. I’d just read the email and keep it at that. Then one day I text a famous local Newspaper owner in my country, one of the busiest men I know and he replied and asked that I call him and we set up a meeting. He said he’d be interested in what I have to say since I went through the hustle of personally contacting him.

This got me thinking, I needed a shot and this famous successful person unlike all the rest, took off some time and agreed to give me that shot. With that, I went through my mail box and replied all those mails I had ignored. I apologized to the senders and did what they had mailed me asking for help with.

The gratitude I received from them is one of the most rewarding feelings I have gotten from doing my job as a writer. The feeling that you just might have changed someone’s luck and added a stair on their road to success is better than money. Since then, I do not ignore anyone that reaches out.

This brings me back to famous people, why do they ignore us when we try to reach out? We’ll never know.

What am saying here today is that, when you eventually make it to that place, do not be like the rest of these famous people, give someone else a shot. Always remember that to make it to where you are, someone else gave you a shot. Where would you be if they had also ignored you the way you ignore whoever else tries to reach out?

I know its human nature, but like they say, “Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.”

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