1. Shouting While On Phone


People in the habit of yelling while they are on phone especially while using public transport, really!!??? We are forcefully made to endure your lamentation, it’s not fair. Everyone that did or does this, shame on you. You were a source of irritation in 2015.


  1. Beeping On Phone


It’s 2015 people, Mark Zuckerberg brought you WhatsApp calls, Blackberry also gives you calls on BBM plus skype has comfortably become mobile. But you are still too cheap to use all those alternatives, you still beep people and wait for them to call back??? Shame on your cheap self.


  1. Asking Silly Questions


Google has all the answers to 97% of all possible questions and one just needs to ask. However we still had people asking very retarted questions in 2015. Please embrace google and change your ways – idiots.


  1. Social Media Problems


I’ve said this before, very few people frankly give a rat’s booty if you are not okay. Therefore letting the world know that you have problems via social media is not the win that will put you ahead of your competition and those imaginary “haters.”


  1. Too Much Make Up




Ladies, we love you when you get the make up right. But when you get it wrong, we don’t hate you – Gosh! That would be so rude. We just feel… mmh!… what’s the word here… Well, it’s disgusting. Not attractive at all. Honestly it is pitiful when you let the struggle to get attention go that far.


More top 5 2015 coming up…

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