Opportunities & Shoe Laces

Opportunities require an extra mile sometimes, ties those shoe laces and walk that mile.

Have you observed children on a play ground? Kids’ minds are programmed to have as much fun not matter what they are doing. Their little curious minds are all about enjoying every playtime moment. But even during that playtime, when the shoe laces loosen, they stop to either try and tie them…


courtesy of http://cdn.skim.gs

Or run to the nearest adult to ask for help with them.

After that they are good to go on making the most of that playtime.

They strap up to have more fun and utilize that playtime because they want no regrets of a wasted opportunity to play to their hearts’ content. And they are just kids. What do they know about real dreams, ambitions and responsibility?

This is food for thought for everyone that has hit a snag in the opportunity they have been presented with. Tie those shoe laces and walk the distance of that opportunity. After all, an opportunity is only as good as you utilize it.



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