“The Girls” Said…

Now ladies let’s talk about this; you are not Badru Kiggundu, so why must you conduct an election among your friends and if I win, you are the prize? If I needed a trophy, I’d walk to Katumwa Sports Center and purchase one. At Katumwa Sports Centre I don’t have to be paneled before a team of green-eyed judges just so I can get myself a trophy of my choosing.

You’ve turned relationships into a group affair. And no! Am not talking about ogys, this is much worse.  I can see… (To take you back a little – am not saying ogys are bad) …I can see a Whatsapp group… (Sorry! – Am not saying anything about ogys. It’s entirely your bad decision if you have one) anyway… I can see a Whatsapp group named “Victoria’s Relationship” where Samantha is the group administrator, and one named “Brenda finally chased Moses” where Brenda is also a member that has just been added.

So Brenda let’s analyze your post-election situation; When you chased Moses after “the girls” said he wasn’t good for you because he had never taken you to Café Javas, who’s crying and not telling the group? (Brenda puts up hand) Who’s going home to sleep on that cold crest foam mattress alone tonight? (Brenda puts up hand) Who will be the topic of gossip and discussion in the other group where you are not a member? (Brenda puts up hand. Wait! A group where am not a member??? “Yes there always is.”)

My point? Oh! yes my point – Keep your friends out of it, seek their advice but decide on your own. Besides, Maureen’s opinion shouldn’t really count, she has never been in a relationship. And Vanessa who are you to talk, Allan was in and out and back just one time like he forgot something the first time. As for you Victoria, you are lucky Mathias is a good guy and you have something good for yourself, don’t try to make everyone else fail at theirs just so you remain the model couple.

One fact that will always stand, like it or not, women whether you are friends or even siblings, you will always be each other’s competition and each other’s threat. Don’t dispute that because you are the prettiest in the clique, your sex game maybe the ugliest. And also like this one or not, good sex will make you a business and he; a regular customer.


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