Parking at Owner’s Risk


Everywhere I have seen “Parking at Owner’s risk” especially at a business, supermarket, boutique, restaurant, hotel etc.… I can’t help but question the fool that wrote it.

Is this an act of being stingy? Selfish? Misers? Or just ignorance at its fully grown stage?

These business owners want all our money, we bring business to them but they cannot do something as simple as ensuring that our vehicles are safe. It gets worse when the business owner has security guards roaming his premises but still flaunts those words in big bold visible letters.

First I have a problem with security guards, especially Ugandan security guards. Most of these fellows are the most arrogant human beings you’ll ever meet. They have a certain level of a misguided feeling of importance and immunity which they use to display the most barbaric practices. That’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I think it is absurd that we take selfishness to a whole new level sometimes. What would it cost these business owners that make millions from us daily to just hire extra labour to watch over their customers’ vehicles?

You want my money, but you don’t give a sh!t if my car is vandalized or stolen!? Is this the relationship we consent with the people whose businesses we support and make flourish on a daily? I know this is something we often overlook, but when you think about it, it shows you that these people frankly only care about your money.

I know it’s the world, it’s how it is and blah blah blah… but this is nonsensical especially when you think of how you toil to make the money you bring to their businesses. These self-interested business owners lack the common courtesy to make us the customers feel more comfortable and secure as we bring our hard earned cash to them.

If you rent the business place and you found that sign there when you moved in, you are more or less excused but now that you know, take the damn thing down. But if you purposely put it there to avoid extra expenditure to keep our vehicles safe? You are a f**king a$$hole.

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