The Story in the Lines

The other day I decided to go ahead and take a walk. I wound up at Eden – a book store. But there was no one in sight as I made my way through the door. I continued and entered anyway, I love books. I wasn’t fazed by the emptiness, that’s how strong my love is.

Moments later a girl came in. She began scheming through the books, occasionally stealing glances at me while hiding between shelves. This went on for a while. She seemed about 18 and I thought the glancing doesn’t mean anything. Or she probably wants another teenage Love affair – it’s a thing these days.

Finally she ended up where I was. Noticing I was holding a Gillian Flynn novel she mumbled, “Gillian Flynn! Oh! My dear Gillian Flynn, if I ain’t got you…” She then turned, looking at me she asked, “Did you happen to watch Gone Girl?” Of course I had, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike!? That wreckless love!

This triggered a brief chat about how incredible both the book and movie were, and how what Amy did was unthinkable but she’d have another way to die. She preferred Jeffrey Archer though, his books have an element of freedom.

Alicia was her name, she was visiting from Switzerland. She was the first black girl with an accent that was not talking about the Empire State of Mind or London Bridge – they usually are from one of the two that’s one thing I’ve come to notice.

We chit-chatted for a while longer. Alicia was friendly and quite too inquisitive. She asked a lot of questions and was very confident about it. That’s when I knew she was one of those people that always want to be in the know. She even asked what I was listening to seeing the headphones hanging around my neck. I told her “Usher. My boo.” Which didn’t excite her. She loved hip hop. Shocking but cool! From the Dre Headphones I should have known, I just wasn’t as observant. Lesson Learned.

Anyway we left the bookstore and went for a stroll around the city. She didn’t mind the distance and time.

With her hands full of a lot of things, I suggested we leave some of them in my car Moshanda. She agreed to leave the headphones but not her iPad. Alicia was so attached she carried it to bed with her and a night without it was unbearable. “Unbearable huh! Try sleeping with a broken Heart, then you’ll know unbearable,” I joked.

It was fun getting to know her during the walk plus she was a girl on fire (hot).

Hours later we returned to the rendezvous point where I was supposed to meet a friend and head back to the house. At the rendezvous point, Alicia said, “It’s been fun. Hug me like you’ll never see me again,” which I did, then gave her my keys to get her headphones and we parted ways.

So yesterday this friend finds me dressed and he asks me where I was going. I tell him, on a date.

“The other girl. Alicia. It’s On Again”
“What Alicia!?”
With a bit of irritation I replied, “My next chapter that I met at the book store!
He was still not getting it, “the one with the Swiss Dre Headphones.”
Still not remembering, “The one who left her things in my car.”
“Oh! Her name was Alicia! I thought she was Leticia or something?” He finally remembered.
Then I said, “How can you be quick to forget the evening you asked why I gave Alicia Keys and I said to get her Swiss Beats from Moshanda.”


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