Sonny Soweez Presents ‘Pieces’ Ft. Tucker HD

Off her soon to be announced long awaited EP ‘Pieces’, Sonny Soweez presents a brand new single and the title track “Pieces” which features Airportaxi’s Tucker HD.

As music critics, we live for the day we discover a track that’s so intensely horrible that we finally divulge those indisposed vocals and instruments and beats that some of these artists circulate as music. It takes a meticulous listener to notice all this.

Well, today is not that day. Unfortunately, Sonny and Tucker have an entirely whole new direction to how you thought this might go. “Pieces” is indeed an awesome piece. Sonny couldn’t have chosen a better rapper to feature and Tucker couldn’t have chosen a better moment, better song and better instrumental to let us know how it wasn’t always a walk in the park.

Once again let’s first take a moment to applaud the men that work behind the scenes; Lagum who produced an incredible and utterly unique song and Samurae, for the immaculate audio-engineering that will serve as unfeigned audible justice every time “Pieces” is played.

A friend of mine once described her as graceful, she is the voice that kept the chorus to Tucker HD’s “UG On My Chest” ringing in our ears because of her strong and vivid vocal impression; Sonny brings that same energy and level of musical effect on “Pieces” for yet another outstanding delivery.

Sometimes I wonder what she sounds like when she’s just speaking. Sonny’s voice isn’t too unparalleled. How she uses it and how she controls it is what makes it quite the unequaled voice and one of the most sought-after in Uganda’s urban music industry.

“Pieces” takes you on a journey. It will have you reflecting on your goals, dreams and ambitions. Why you want them, how badly you want them, the price you’ve had to or will have to pay, how the road to where you want to be is going, how far you still have to go and when that vision starts to become clear, you’ll hear Sonny sing, “Just not to let fear cloud me and to let my voice revive me.”

Why shout at someone about goals and ambitions when you can have them listen to “Pieces?” Sonny delivers an uplifting message in form of a testimony and hearing things you can relate to like school and the setbacks that we all face, is what makes this song more relatable and easier to consent. What Sonny does with “Pieces” is beyond creatively entertaining you, she also gives you a profound insight on the road to getting where you have set your goals.

Then the ever so silver-tongued Tucker HD is as always all about flow and lyrics. Tucker steps into the booth like an assassin with very precise instructions, “MAKE IT QUICK & LEAVE A LOT OF EVIDENCE.” After listening to a Tucker verse, you will have a lot of days of little to say. Case in point, his verse on “Pieces” is the kind where you go, “Tuckers’ verse though!” and that’s enough said – everyone knows what you mean.

His flow is timeless, his lyrics tell a story and how he absolutely blends with this radically different beat is something to acclaim. Sonny Soweez sets the pace in the intro and Tucker runs comfortably with it. His flow will grip you, the lyrics will impress you and the story will compel you to listen and pay close attention. That right there my friend! is the Tucker experience in High Definition.

A noteworthy aspect is Sonny after Tucker’s verse, notice how she flawlessly glides over that beat with her voice and the rhythm she flows with. It is mind-blowingly exciting especially if your headphones are as good as mine where you will feel like she was sailing smoothly on the waves of that beat.

They killed it and attended the funeral just to make sure it stays that way.

Verdict; Sonny Soweez and Tucker HD come through as a manifestation of the best of both worlds. Tucker is a young rapper that goes toe-to-toe with the big boys (UG Cypher 2) and gets you shuffling that ranking of your best rappers. Sonny is a beauty with the vocals and she sounds like “oh my God! I want to meet her,” owing to how fabulously she uses that pleasant voice. With “Pieces,” from the production to performance, I believe our industry has comfortably steadied down the road to music that will make us stand out. Only time will tell.

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Ian Paul Byamugisha


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