Sneak Peek into ‘Kimani’

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This book is based entirely on fiction. The incidents that are portrayed in this book are entirely imaginary and where they seem like they are not it’s merely coincidence.

Enjoy! The rest of the book coming to you soon.


When I met my wife, I swear to God I knew she was the one. It had nothing to do with her brown soft skin or her big beautiful eyes or her naturally well pumped breasts – no! It was entirely on the emotional and physical connection that was established between us.

She is the only woman that has had such an impact on me. She knows me all too well and she has me figured out more than she probably knows herself. I could say the same about her but until she hits menopause her mood at that time of the month remains quite unpredictable.

How did I meet my perfect match? I’ll tell you the story…

I have always had a secret phobia for planes. This is thanks to Air Crash Investigation a program on the National Geographic Channel. Watching this program showed me how it is by God’s grace that people leave places and reach their destinations safely. A diminutive inadvertence or mechanical mistake can cause hundreds to cash in their chips at an unknown location.

The fear of dying and my body never being found is strangely not my worry. It’s the fear of not dying instantly. The fear of being helpless and incapacitated lost in a place where you may never be rescued. It gets worse when you realize that your death will be slow and painful when you are turned into wild animal dinner.

That and a lot worse run through my mind whenever am taking a flight. But I was used to this and my job required that I fly often so I always sucked it up and boarded that flying death machine anyway.

When I received a phone call telling me that I was needed in Nairobi, all the above instantly came to mind. I packed my bags and had Mukisa my driver drop me at the airport. Entebbe Airport isn’t my favorite place in the world. This is attributed to the intense traffic jam on Entebbe road and the tormenting long hours of waiting to board your flight.

But my trip to Nairobi would prove to be a rather life changing one. I did not want to go, but I had a very important meeting with the board of governors that would determine the future of my young company. Owning my own company being a dream of mine right from college, I was willing to chase it as far as it would take me. And facing a fear of planes was the least sacrifice I was willing to make.

Seated on that plane and the air hostesses passing around ensuring that our seat belts were safely strapped in always amused me – The irony! It’s like these people care more about our lives than their own. I know this is part of their job description, but it’s not like you’ll fall out of the plane if you are not strapped in. So why bother with the non-rule abiding passengers that are well aware that their seatbelts must be fastened before takeoff.

I always prefer the window seat. The view of the wings slowly ascending and hitting the skies is extremely soothing for my aerophobia.

As I enjoyed the view, I had no idea my neighbor found that view delighting as well. I looked out my window and smiled at the beauty of the sunset in the far horizon then I had a voice say, “beautiful ay!” and when I turned, the voice was of the most stunning woman I had seen on that busy airport evening.

“Yes it is, and so are you,” I took a leap of faith with that statement but she smiled and said “thank you, not many would say that on the first date.” I playfully laughed and replied, “So, this is a date?” “I believe according to the day, month and year, today is the first date of meeting you. Unless you’ve been secretly stalking me,” she charmingly answered before shyly facing the other way.

I was staring at the most beautiful and now the most charming and smooth lady I had ever seen. I do flirt a lot and with her I was well suited in my comfort zone. This was about to be an interesting one hour to Nairobi.

*** To Be CONTiNUED ***


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