Pt. 2 – It’s Not What It Looks Like

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I had no quarrel with Joshua and I’d let him go eventually. But Tracy, I was going to psychologically diddle with her till she told me everything. Then after which I’d become a nutcase.

I’d leisurely walk towards her, telling her how she’d never do this to me or anyone for that matter, how disappointed I was and how I‘d not let this go unavenged. And with this knife, this sharp stainless steel knife, I’d let her know how I planned to follow through with this.

Once she’s soaked in tears and the room is filled with pleas of “I’ll not do it again. I am sorry love you know how much I love you,” I’d tell her it’s too late.

Approaching her with untimely laughter, I’d hoist that knife, wear my most remorseless face and with a very thin distance between us stretch the hand holding the knife, look at her straight in those cheating eyes then right at the peak of that intense moment, I’d make a cutting motion in that narrow space and whisper in her ear… “Did you see that? I just cut all affiliations that we ever had. We are done!”

I can bet by this point she’d have half way died and was on the elevator just before she pressed the basement button to hell. She’d have accepted her fate and it would be a traumatic relief to know that she will live to die another day.

Then I’d walk away, pause at the door, “You have 10 minutes to have everything of yours out of this house.” And that would Mark the end of my dramatic reaction to “it’s not what it looks like.”

I bet you are now wondering why I even labored so much to carefully select the knife for the deed. But wait! What did you think the deed was? I wasn’t going to kill them! Or you thought I was?

I said dramatic as possible, dramatic in a spectacular way not bloodshed. The thought of how it should have gone down was as dramatic as an Oscar should be awarded.

Anyway, where was I? Yeah, right…

“Judgement is upon us all, shall we begin…” I said, “Only one of us will make it out of here today and (with a wry laughter)… it’s usually the guy with the Knife,” I added.

Slowly turning to face them, I continued, “So! Who will goooo… oh!?”

The room was empty!

Tracy and Joshua were not in the room! The damn room was empty, they they! They had vanished!? They were not where I left them. What was going on here?

I was completely appalled at the sight of an empty bedroom with a stunningly well-made bed.

“What in the hell… Tracy!?” I spoke softly observing the room for where they could be hiding.

For a second I thought they were in the closet, but nah! That would be just dumb. Perhaps they were locked in the bathroom hiding from me in case I returned to attack them.

I walked to the bathroom door with my dad’s knife leading the way ready to strike. I opened the door swiftly yelling the way those guys that always get killed approach the star in Chinese movies, but the room was empty too. Huh!

I started to feel insecure knowing they could be hiding and would pounce on me any second. I lowered the knife, almost hiding it to avoid an incident where I stabbed myself when they inescapably jump out to get me before I get them.

Amidst all the confusion and panic, I noticed the drapes being floated in by the wind. I tardily walked towards them and damn it!!! Of course they had to; – They escaped through the window.

These prats had the nerve! The guts! To make my bed where I found them under my sheets… “Hahaha, well played Tracy, well played,” I said to self at my foiled attempt to teach these two a lesson.

I was relieved though, that they weren’t hiding and waiting to jump at me and kill me.

*Ring ring…*

An unfamiliar ringtone went off. It wasn’t my phone. I left the window walking towards the bed side table where the phone was ringing from. “Hahaha, I’ll be damned,” with that earlier evil grin from the kitchen I said to myself reaching for Joshua’s phone to pick it up.

I got hold of the phone and as I pressed the yes button, I had an idea…!


*** THE END ***



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