That Embarrassing Moment

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I’ve been in Nairobi for two weeks now on a business trip and my biggest problem is the language barrier. Kenyans mainly speak Swahili (it’s the national language) although they also widely speak English.

So this dude from office walks up to me dying and kicking with laughter. I sheepishly smile but utterly confused at what this was about.

He struggles through the laughter to explain a joke that’s completely killing him. He hands me his phone to read the joke for myself as he goes to a corner to completely die of laughter. I look at the phone and the joke is in Swahili. I try to tell him that I can’t read Swahili but as I am walking towards, him he laughs will staring at me wide eyed with that look of “Dude!!! That joke… right!???”

From the reaction and unending laughter, I gathered the joke must be extremely hilarious.

In Swahili commentary he cackles on and on about the joke with such deafening laughter that I was still unable to say a thing.

Eventually the laughter cools down and I tell him, “Sorry man, I don’t speak or even understand Swahili.”


We both just walked away.


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