Ivory Namara Presents ‘Kings And Queens’

When you write to express an opinion that is supposed to influence your readers in a certain way, the biggest pressure comes from whether your opinion is dependable. When I first wrote about Ivory Namara, I said Ivory Namara leaves nothing to be desired.”  A statement some found bold and daring. Well today I say this beaming with pride – I was absolutely right! That opinion is 100% dependable.

“Kings And Queens” her latest single does well to portray an artist that is not under pressure to succeed but is instead under pressure to make good music and entertain. And with that approach, success definitely seeks you out.

The song is so uniquely crafted it gives you a whole new experience while listening to it. Baru on the beat and he delivers as expected. The production of the song is also an applaudable aspect that should never be ignored.

Her entrée into the industry should have signaled RED ALERT lights for the competition because she came in to do things her way and her way is paying off. Ivory Namara should be the fastest rising female artist in Uganda’s urban music entertainment if she continues on this trail.

Ivory again leads with the vocals which are as glorious as ever. She immaculately jumps from one note to another with no strain or debilitation. How she uses her voice on “Kings And Queens” has an enchanting feel to it. She goes soft, “normal”, brittle and her head tone is just unbelievably incredible. The apropos background vocals she places around the song will have you nodding in favorable reception.

She’s talking about relationships on “Kings And Queens” in a storytelling form with a tale that will keep you hooked. The girl who’s the subject of the song is a ride or die chic who will do anything for her man. Her name was Royalty and her man was a king who knew how to treat a queen. Ivory is talking all the nice things you probably want your man to do for you. The story essentially talks about two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

This is where the chorus comes in to tell us how he is her king and he pronounces her his queen. The lyrics are not fairytale exaggerated, they strike the right counterpoise between fairytale and reality. This was something I found strangely interesting. The song is “hard” in a sense of it does not make you hopelessly emotional with love and feelings, but it does! Crazy right!? You will not understand this till you head on down to https://soundcloud.com/ivory-namara-1/kings-and-queens-ivory-namara for your free download.

Ivory’s voice and style of delivery, the beat, melody and the entire production of this song also couldn’t be “more perfect for each other.” Baru masterminded a great production which he handed to the right artist and I think we need to recognize all producers that work behind the scenes to give these incredible artists a sound.

“Kings And Queens” is a groovy song that will have you focused on how well performed it is, and it will also have you wanting to or dancing by the second chorus. Don’t expect to burst into your craziest Jamaican video inspired dance moves, but it will have you courteously dancing.

“Around the world let us pray, we all find a queen in our lady someday,” she takes a great track and adds purpose to it. Ladies, Ivory Namara has not only portrayed a desirable situation for all your relationships, but she has also added you an anthem for your empowerment. You ought to respect that. Great music with a purpose, it doesn’t get better than that.

Verdict; – Once again Ivory Namara leaves nothing to be desired. She is laying a foundation for a great career and a great legacy. Ivory if you read this I hope you know that the pressure is on now, such a streak of great music cannot afford to have one song that will taint this movement that is already in forward motion.

Download link >> https://soundcloud.com/ivory-namara-1/kings-and-queens-ivory-namara

Ian Paul Byamugisha


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