Llyboc Presents ‘King of Brokeness’



When you speak of young Hip Hop talent in Uganda, minds wander to a lot of young rappers with so much potential. The right minds wander to one of the most outstanding, well-written and well-spoken creative writers famously known as Llyboc. He is no stranger to success and high expectation from the fans and critics. I mean he rose to fame as part of the Hip Hop trio that was AirporTaxi, a group that dominated not only the local Televisions, but also Trace TV, Channel O and MTV Base. Therefore when he makes new music, you all well know what to expect.

“King of Brokeness” is his latest single and I give you an exclusive look into what Llyboc has been cooking up.

The feeling of a powerful solo performance is a feeling that is truly unrivalled. He brings energy, clever lyrics and a radically distinctive beat, all which go in the weighty flow that he always presents to collectively produce a very impressive Hip Hop song.

This song does not balance on the edge of what genre it belongs, it is straight up Hip Hop. The beat makes good use of vocal scratches coupled with apropos added effects that give it a thoroughgoing Hip Hop feel. This is quite admirable as it makes you listen. It spells you to listen.

The reason I emphasize on the whole “Hip Hop” thing about this song is that these days’ musicians are having a “mid-career-genre-crisis” – where they are no longer making music in the genres they are famous for. They are branching off and quite frankly some of them suck at the new genres they are blending into their sound, and others are lucky it’s working. Llyboc is neither of the two kinds – at least not on “King of Brokeness”

Staunch Hip Hop heads will tell you that they prefer underground rap music because it is deep and smoothly carries a message. The same staunch Hip Hop heads should have no trouble appreciating what “King of Brokeness” brings to the ears. The song’s compelling effect has the lyrics to thank and the lyrics have the flow to thank for that. What Llyboc does is, he brings powerful lyrics with cunning punchlines that will not have you on the edge of your sit because the next one is guaranteed to throw you off of that edge.

“Tryna hold my patience like you hold a diploma,” raps Llyboc. I can bet you are still trying to figure this one out. The sharp wit that this song is written with will leave you nodding in approval at a couple of his lines. They are smart and interesting in a “Loso’s niceeeee!!!” kind of way.

And how fast is this guy’s tongue? It is quite sorcerous how fast he raps but maintains complete articulateness and audibility. He does not lose the flow, the beat or the rhyme pattern – in other words no one gets left behind, even you the listener.

“King of Brokeness” is quite relatable, it’s for the people that started from the bottom but never really made it to the big stage. The people that still have dreams they are chasing and for those that didn’t have the guts to try. What unites all of you in the struggle is that in all your different castles, you are kings of brokeness. I know so many that will be listening to this song like “true dat.” – you gon’ be alright!!! * Kendrick Lamar voice *

What many may not realize from music like “King of Brokeness” is that diversity is still very much alive in our young urban music artists. An artist like Llyboc maintains a style of performance that has him crowned among the “big boys” in the Hip Hop industry of Uganda. He makes music with a purpose and he still captivates you to ensure that you are entertained.

Verdict; “King of Brokeness” is a great song. But let’s face it, if it was by someone else we’d be singing their praises louder than we will be doing for Llyboc. Why? This song is amazing but the man behind the name Llyboc is a magician with his music. For this song he gave us an ordinary trick that still twisted our minds, but he normally blows them so we are still quite expectant of better. This is said judging “King of Brokeness” by conforming to the musical marvel that he is.

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