Gabzie Presents ‘It’s Only You’ Ft. Toria

Produced by Taste from 1 Origin records, “It’s Only You” exploits a style our music here has not yet fully opened up to. I have heard so much buzz about this studio that I am planning a visit to hang out with the crew and probably refresh my music memory by doing a track or two * watch the space *

After a couple of songs and trying to establish his sound, with “It’s Only You” I sure believe Gabzie is half way there. You start to make great music when you establish a sound and with this one Gabzie might just have discovered that sound that’s within every unique artist.

The instrumental is great. Over the last few weeks, the exclusives I have heard that have ‘Taste on the beat” in the intro have some really commendable beats. Taste creates from his imagination and he is a producer that will be legendary once his creativity is fully nurtured. “It’s Only You” has a trumpet like sound in the instrumental and it is fussed with a piano sound that blends with a highly impressive listen.

Then the magnificent vocals of Toria… before that! Incredible fact – Toria is 17 years old. She is a couturier from “H.O.T (House Of Toria)” a fashion house. This comfortably shows off her creativity as an artist. She’s what one would be undeniably justified to call an artist. She’s a designer and a singer who has the most saintlike voice from a 17 year old. Thus the beautiful vocals of Toria welcome you to “It’s Only You.” She’s almost immediately interrupted by Gabzie who is asking her what she’s doing.

After a brief catchy dialogue, she breaks into the chorus and she lets the vocals run it. The chorus is shared with Gabzie as they do some sort of a duet. It is quite catchy as like I said it’s a style that has not yet been exploited by our industry here. Toria leads us into a verse where the voice runs wildly impressive. She sounds amazing and I absolutely love her sound.

Gabzie on his verse also does a remarkable job as he does not stay on the same Hip Hop misconceived clichés as far as how a flow should go. He flows with the moment. He goes with the song and you feel he was having a good time as he recorded this song. It is a fun song and he makes you feel it. He does not kill the fun with too much metaphors and punchlines, he raps in the moment and delivers an excitingly catchy verse. I have listened to this guy a lot and this, I really loved.


A noteworthy aspect about this song is how much they complement each other. During Gabzie’s verse you will noticeably here Toria in the background providing impeccably placed background vocals and adlibs. It is a beautiful listen wherever this is done. I personally feel like there was a sense of comfort and chemistry on this song. The sort of chemistry that creates a great song because you feel how the artists feel and intend for you to feel with the sound of the song.

However, let’s look at the other side of the coin. As much as “It’s Only You” is an incredible production from the quickly rising urban music scene of Uganda, we could be better. Gabzie could be better. This is a song that is supposed to make you dance, it is supposed to command that action from you. Gabzie does not quite sound as strong and as commanding as the song requires him to.

We need to feel your energy on a track that compels us to bring our energy. Sometimes a great song can be ruined by that. Gabzie is a lucky fellow he has a way of delivering that prevents that from happening. But for future projects, I believe the voice should sound strong and commanding. It portrays confidence and it’s naturally a puller to the listener as the artist definitely sounds better that way.

Otherwise, the future looks promising for this young rapper as he is tirelessly creating music that will cut across all audiences. The zeal and passion in his music is an outstanding quality that will make Gabzie a memorable artist. He is an artist that gets better with each project and on his pace, it’s only a matter of time.

Verdict; “It’s Only You” is a great composition from Gabzie. He does justice to bring Toria on board as she gives the sound a whole other direction with her well-articulated and amazingly performed verse and chorus. Kudos to Gabzie for imposingly representing with this one.

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Ian Paul Byamugisha

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