Leave Some Hair When You Trim Your Child’s Hair

Everyone that has been through school definitely knows how cruel kids can be. Schoolmates are the most unforgiving friends one can have. These kids will diss you just about anything. They make the most normal things seem abnormal thus a source of shame and embarrassment.

Now am here to enlighten you about hair and my honest piece of advice is, always leave some hair when you trim your child’s hair. Why? Hmm… I just told you how cruel schoolmates can be. If you are the type that cuts your kids hair and you leave the head smoother than the baby sibling’s butt, I beg you to please stop.

Your kid is not having a field day at school. Their best moment is when those hair roots start to sprout and their head is no longer as bare. Everyone is making fun of him. Even the wind – It blows is head the most as if to caress it in mockery. I’ve heard a kid complain that their head always gets cold in morning prep. Parent! this is your fault.

You will soon incur the expense of buying him a hat. Then the unforgiving sun also makes a scorching appearance on that hairless head. Your kid is getting names from school because of his trademark baby butt smooth head.

It even gets worse if it’s a girl. On a serious note, never do this to your daughter again.

Any child that gets their hair cut completely will frankly tell you they are called names at school. And as a person that went through a name calling phase as a child, I know how this hurts their self-esteem and pride. My case was different, you call me names, and I’ll retaliate with a meaner and harsher name for you. I adopted dissing as a security mechanism, I was too small to fight.

So parent’s please, spare your kids the shame and discomfort by leaving a reasonable amount of hair on their heads whenever you take them to the barber. I understand economic times are hard but what should the barber say?

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