Men’s Kindness Is Not an Entitlement

I want to understand a thing that I normally pay no mind but it has gotten to a point where I can’t ignore it anymore.

I need to understand why some women make it seem like they are entitled to the nice things that men do for them. Especially when this man is neither your boyfriend nor husband.

Recently at my parent’s bar, I overheard a woman telling this fellow she had just met how she must be taken out to Café Javas – a renown and quite expensive café with branches around the city. This man had been buying her drinks all night, but still…

From the way she said it, she sounded like she was demanding for a service she is entitled to. I thought maybe I was over thinking it but then the man she was telling affirmed my thought.

He told her, “Am sorry what! I must!???” And boldly she replied, “Yes, you must. You think am a cheap girl.” At this, he asked for his bill, cleared it and left her there. And it’s what has gotten me to this point.

If it is indeed true that you are not a cheap girl, I believe your status and conduct will give off that vibe without you having to necessarily state it. Some of you get it wrong; status and class is not advertised. It speaks for itself. Or if you must advertise for it, be polite enough to not sound like a “gold digger” or a very desperate opportunist.

You are not entitled to the nice things men do for you. They do them out of their will or because you’ve earned it or you deserve it. Do not demand for things, have the common courtesy to ask – I mean who raised you???

Often this gets you more than you bargained for especially when this fellow needs compensation for all the nice things you thought you were getting for free. This is where rape and revenge come in.

Our natural male survival instincts tell us when you are in it just for the money and Café Javas, when he plays along – BE WORRIED.

Therefore, I need you to understand that however cute you are, however HOT you maybe, you are not whatsoever entitled to the nice things men do for you, especially if they are neither your husband nor your boyfriend. So stop demanding for them, you have no right to them.

And it’s true some men can just be nice and kind without a catch, thus stop using everyman that approaches you.


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