Ladies; Be Brave Enough To Walk Away

Paulo Says;


courtesy of google images

Ladies stay in bad relationships because they fear to be alone.

To me this has never made sense at any level. A blessing of always being on demand was bestowed unto you the moment you were born a female. Staying in a bad relationship because you fear to be alone logically does not stand as a strong reason.

Oftentimes women are with men that clearly don’t care about them save for the sex, but they don’t make an effort to leave and find someone that treats them like they deserve. She cries most of the time, she’s sad most of the time but when someone tells her to leave, and she could hate you for that.

I’ve always told people that a relationship is your happy place, if the one you are in isn’t, lady please! Get out of it. The fear of being alone is a mirage. If you handle yourself right, you’ll definitely attract the kind of man that will treat you right.

Paulo says; be brave enough to walk out of a bad relationship, do not condemn yourself to misery simply because you want to please a man.


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