Dear wives

Now, when your husband goes out looking like a thug especially to church, I would like to officially start blaming it on you.

Honestly, how do you let your man walk out of the bedroom looking like he is going to a “let me shame my wife with what I wear” contest – where his mere arrival with end the contest as the winner would have arrived.

Last Sunday in church I saw this gentleman who was dressed like he buys his clothes from the street corner beggar. The aged life beat shirt wasn’t even ironed for Christ’s Sake. For this guy, if you can’t respect your wife at least respect God.

Therefore wives, we admit you are usually right, so take that to choosing your husband’s clothes sometimes. Don’t allow him to walk around with you looking like he fell from a refugee camp and landed on the streets as a beggar then slept in a sewer, had breakfast from a garbage truck, slept in your bed and is now your husband.

Help the world, help your reputation and help fashion.


Ps; kimani wouldn’t let that happen.


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