Ivory Namara presents ‘I See You’ Ft. Kelvin k

“Yeah, our music here basically sounds the same,” – said everyone that hasn’t heard of the beautiful Ivory Namara.

If somebody doesn’t reveal to you that the song “I See You” is by a Ugandan, they might as well bring you a box of Rwenzori mineral water because, you’ll be there all day guessing. And no it’s not Tinashe! It’s better.

First of all, when the beat starts, I can guarantee you’ll be waiting for that familiar sound, “Mustard on the beat” from the beat genius DJ Mustard. But nah! You won’t hear it. You’ll have something like “… producers” instead. On that note, the genius Atwal behind this beat needs to make himself known because the industry could feed on this brilliance. The beat was unbelievably catchy.

Well, Ivory Namara leads with the vocals and she’s absolutely pleasant to listen to. Her vocals flow immaculately to produce a sound that is crispy, well-balanced and articulate. Most times artists that have not nurtured the art lose the fluency when they try to concentrate on the notes and pitches, but this is an issue Ivory is not liaising with. She knows how to time and place her notes and how to elevate in and out of pitches. What am saying is, she has an outstandingly glorious voice.


“I See You” is set up on a familiar concept – a relationship gone sour. She has a broken heart because he said it’s done. This comes at a time when she probably doesn’t expect it as no matter what she does she sees him. She goes to the club looking fresh to maybe forget about all this. While there her phone dies and reality sets in hence she tells how she sees him all day long. (Notice how she pointed out the emerging annoying trend of girls on their phones in clubs? – might have been unintentional but she did.)

The reality in this is all true, her ability to lay the lyrics in a story telling form is a factor to respectfully applaud. This is not a rap song, storytelling is common to rap and singers often get it wrong when they try it. But she impressively sings her tale following an obligating story board.

Then there comes Kelvin K who shames everyone else that has attempted to create this kind of music. He does such an exceptional job complementing Ivory’s sound on this song. He sticks to the concept, the voice is great, the flow is spic-and-span and his verse is spectacular. I failed to find further information about him but my affiliates tell me he may not be from around town.

“I See You” is that urban sound that is supposed to be a smash hit for the clubs, radios, internet and Uganda at large. But while listening to its compelling magnificence, it made me realize how it may be another unsung hall of fame sound because of the kind of market it has been released into. Something we need to wake up and act upon. Let’s appreciate the incredible talent we have here.

Unarguably, this is an incredible song from talent that intimately competes with the world’s renowned names that are the symbol of great chart topping music.

Verdict; – Ivory Namara leaves nothing to be desired. She gives you music as you ought to or as you like it. She sounds great, the beat is genius and the entire packaging and presentation of the song is applaudable.

Download link >> http://www.getmziki.com/2015/06/ivory-namara-feat-kelvin-i-see-you/

Ian Paul Byamugisha

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