Sam Kimera Presents ‘Slow Down’

Music is an art that is globally celebrated by different races, cultures and groups of people. It is an art that is so endowed that it is performed in different types of sounds classified as genres. This enables the different audiences to find a genre that appeals to them and they can enjoy the music that comes from that genre.

In Uganda, the dominant genre is our very own known as “Kidandali” and the others are suppressed by its popularity, therefore we never discover talent that is capable of impressively performing other genres.

Well, I bear good news, I discovered a Ugandan musician that does music that is not only mind-blowing but it is as uniquely presented as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith or even Mike Posner do their thing. His name is Sam Kimera (K!mera) and the song is titled “Slow Down.”

One of my closest friends a Ugandan urban music enthusiast, the staunchest I know usually sends me such tracks from the unique upcoming talent around the country and when he sent me this one, I knew it was one that would make the perfect introduction to this new Segment that is exclusively dedicated to putting our music of this nature on the global map.

“Slow Down” is gently introduced by a sedately played melody that sounds played from an electric guitar. The guitar is so impressively played it creates a moment of serenity where it’s just you and that glorious sound. This melody captures your soul even before his quiet and soothing voice comes in to beautifully lay the incredibly written lyrics on to it.

I must commend the entire composition of this song, it breaks the routine of Ugandan music that sounds frustratingly the same with its lack of versatility. It brings a higher form of music performance to capture an audience that appreciates music created for and with a purpose.

Sam Kimera is such a sensation as he flawlessly glides over the instruments of this song to form a perfect blend with them, and in unison they present a tremendous composition. His entire act is so pulled together the vocals are impeccably timed for when the lyrics are suggesting a feeling / emotion and when the melody is dictating where and how the pitch should go.

The song is on a theme surrounding an estranged couple and all the misconceptions of each other their situation is causing for them. Sam Kimera is telling them to slow down because not much has changed, he’s still the man that stole her heart and she’s still the girl of his dreams. He urges them not to fight if it’s for the sake of fighting – which is sound advice as we often let emotions cloud our judgement and regrettable actions are taken in relationships.

The maturity of the lyrics of “Slow Down” is on a level our industry had not yet bothered to aim for. Sam Kimera aims for it, he shoots and its accurate and to the point. The song sounds penned by one of the world’s most celebrated lyricists – at the moment I hand that to Sam Kimera. I do not know if he writes his own music, but he is definitely aiming for a market that’s not just Ugandan.

This song shows off the underground talent that this nation is blessed with. Talent that lacks a platform to be put out there. Sam Kimera would definitely give competition sleepless nights if he got the recognition he deserves. Am saying this hoping “Slow Down” isn’t a onetime masterpiece, but all that follow or that came before it are in the same line of greatness.

Sam Kimera is definitely one to watch and you can always count on this segment to bring you any updates from the brilliant artist. For anyone looking to break out of the same cliché sort of music and find music that puts the listening experience to a level where the music speaks to you, “Slow Down” by Sam Kimera is a song that comes highly recommended.

Verdict; – Sam Kimera is bringing music that the audience will love and appreciate because it gives you a song that has meaning whenever you listen to it. Music is a medium of communication and when an artist gives you music that speaks to you, in my personal opinion he did not only entertain you but he changed your life. You might pick a lesson or two from this song. kudos Sam, kudos.

Download link >>

Ian Paul Byamugisha

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