Over Protective!? I Think Not

In the awakening of the tragic murder of Mirembe Desire, we must now look at situations children usually take for granted when they are actually meant for their own protection. 

PS; This is in no way in relation to the story surrounding Desire’s incident, it’s just something that came to mind after hearing about it and I thought I should caution the party this addresses...

Parents can be over protective – that’s a fact and a story of so many young people’s lives. But have you ever stopped as you are jumping over the fence or escaping from home to think of why they are over protective? Of course not. Once you have managed to elude their watchful eye you have the freedom to do whatever you want.
But I’ll bring a really logical scenario to you. Your smartphone or computer has a password, why? It is an optional thing after all. But you find it of great importance to put a password or passcode that only allows authorized or approved users to get into your phone and check out your stuff.

I believe we all do this to protect the information on these devices from getting into the wrong hands. If your smartphone without a password gets lost, your nude selfies could make you the next symbol of immorality on social media and newspapers. Or those messages where you were flirting or cheating could be exposed. Or your work emails and deals could leak to competition putting you out of business.

We all protect these devices for the right and wrong reasons which are right to whoever is doing it for whatever reason.

You will never need to protect anything if it’s not of great importance to you. NEVER! Why waste those resources? When parents are being over protective, it is for the right reasons they see in you, for the bright future they never tire praying for you, for the hopes and dreams they have for and in you. And also because they know all the rot in the world they are protecting you from. They know if you get in the wrong hands, harm could come to you.

You are 18 but you think your 45 year old father doesn’t know “life” and that’s why he is over protective! Realistically reasoning, that doesn’t make any sense in the least. Those 45 years he has lived are full of experiences, mistakes, testimonies and first hand encounters that affirm the reasons to be over protective.

Let’s respect the numbers if not the reasons, but as we all know numbers don’t lie, and these numbers go hand in hand with the reasons.

Why would they even bother to be over protective if they knew that no harm could come to you? Why would you even bother to put that passcode if no one would maliciously access your device? But here are murders, rapists, pedophiles, child traffickers, thugs, witch doctors that are in need of innocent pure souls for sacrifice and a lot more rot in this world.

When I was growing up, my parents were over protective, I never questioned it. My little mind understood that it was for my own good. Missing that drink up will not affect your life in any way, there will be a time when you can safely attend such events. We need to learn to safely prioritize the events and occurrences in our young lives.

Let’s not let the lust for life, unruly fun, appearance with our peers and the misguided satisfaction from disobedience put us in harm’s way when we have simple guidelines to keep us safe.

Rest in Peace Desire. It was unfair that someone took your innocent young life.

Ian Paul Byamugisha

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